Social Media Reporting

Report any inappropriate content on Facebook

View the rules of using Twitter and find how to report any unsuitable behaviour.

Link to a form which allows you to report videos that are not suitable for YouTube or may cause offence.

A dedicated page that allows you to report any unsuitable content to LinkedIn.

This page allows you to report any abuse received over Flickr.

Report any inappropriate or abusive behaviour to Pinterest using their instructions attached to this link.

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Social Media

Social media is a great way to talk to friends, but do you know the dangers?


When chatting online you should always be aware of who you're talking to, you don't always know who is typing to you from another computer. You should only accept friend or chat requests from people you know to avoid strangers or potentially harmful people from contacting you.

If you or someone you know is being harassed while chatting online, you should tell a parent or teacher about what is happening.
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Thanks to sites like Facebook and Twitter, we can now talk and share online with our friends. However, there are some people who are using social media to cause harm and so it is important you know how to keep your information safe and private.

Some people try to get as many friends as they can to look popular, however this can be dangerous, especially if you are accepting friend requests from people who you don't know. People may be trying to view your account and see who you are talking to especially if you already have your profile set to private.

People on your friends list may not be who they say they are. They may be someone trying to see who your talking to or get access to your photos, or even your friends.

We all have to remember the responsibilities we have online to ourselves and our friends. Remember that anything you say, even in jest or anger can be used against you, and if you are bullying someone you can be easily found out.
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Most social networking sites allow you to change the security settings on your profile. That means your profile can only be seen by people that you want to see it.

Setting your privacy and security settings will help safeguard you from people who you do not want to interact with, and will protect your account from being hacked and used in a malicious way.

You can find how to change your Facebook privacy here.

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Information on how to change the privacy and settings on your LinkedIn account can be found here.

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