Useful websites

If you're being bullied, ChildLine can help you to make it stop.

Bullying UK
Help and advice for victims of bullying

NSPCC Bullying
Learn about the risks you face online. Search or browse for Internet safety products, great sites families can visit together and learn how to identify online trouble and get help.

South Tyneside Against Bullying
South Tyneside Against Bullying helps and supports children of all ages that are getting bullied in South Tyneside and surrounding regions.

Anti-Bullying Network
Information for young people, parents and teachers on tackling bullying in schools.

BBC Schools
Learning resources for kids at home and at school. Find activities and games.

EACH Action
EACH is the award-winning charity for adults and young people affected by homophobia.

Advice for victims of crime
If you have been a victim of any crime or been affected by a crime committed against someone you know, help is available.


FACT: Hitting, name-calling, exclusion, or any other behaviour meant to hurt someone is considered bullying. If you see bullying happening, do something about it!

A boy who has been bullied

Bullying can take place anywhere - at school, on the school bus or outside school. All schools have anti-bullying rules and if a teacher knows there is a problem they will help you.

Tell them what is happening and that you are worried.

How to beat bullies

If you are being bullied tell someone - a friend, teacher or anyone you feel comfortable talking to.

Explain what is happening, how often, who did it, where it happened and if anyone else saw it.

Keep speaking up about it until someone listens.

Be more confident - don't let the bully think you're afraid.

If a bully feels they don't have any power over you, it takes the 'fun' out of bullying for them.

Be with friends or an adult at the times when you're most in danger of being bullied.

Don't fight back - it can make the situation worse and get you into trouble.

Don't blame yourself for what has happened

Bullying is something which happens to a lot of people. Most people who have been bullied get through it and so can you but remember - the sooner you talk to someone about it, the sooner it can be stopped.

A girl who has been bullied